BRAINcode Project

Integrative analysis of the human neuronal genome, transcriptome, and more.

Sample Meta-data

Description Name Size
A de-identified version of the sample annotations BRAINcode.samples.attributes.txt 6.1K

RNA-Seq Data

Description Name Size
Gene FPKM from cuffnorm BRAINcode.gene.FPKM.cuffnorm.allSamples.uniq.xls.gz 14M
Gene TPM converted from above FPKM (howto) BRAINcode.gene.TPM.cuffnorm.allSamples.uniq.xls.gz 14M
Gene read count BRAINcode.gene.count.htseq.allSamples.uniq.xls.gz 4.6M
TNE RPM for dopamine neuron samples BRAINcode.TNE_SNDA.meanRPM.allSamples.xls.gz 24M
TNE RPM for pyramidal neuron samples BRAINcode.TNE_PY.meanRPM.allSamples.xls.gz 12M
TNE RPM for non-neuronal samples BRAINcode.TNE_NN.meanRPM.allSamples.xls.gz 6.3M

cis-eQTL Data

Description Name Size
cis-eQTL for dopamine neuron genes (p ≤ 0.01) 24M
Significant cis-eQTL for dopamine neuron genes (FDR ≤ 0.05) 72K
cis-eQTL for dopamine neuron TNEs (p ≤ 0.01) 46M
Significant cis-eQTL for dopamine neuron TNEs (FDR ≤ 0.05) 116K


Description Name Size
GENCODE (v19) gene annotation 1.1M
eSNP annotation (incl. Illumina Omni Beadchip ID and rsID in dbSNP v144) esnp_annotation.rds 24.7M

Raw data

Raw data for this project, incl. RNAseq, genotyping, and clinical data, can be downloaded via dbGaP Accession: phs001556.v1.p1